The crash report, found inside of Crash Query, provides the Industries easiest and fastest way to accurately fulfill crash requests.

For a more detailed overview of what is contained within the Crash Report, see the Crash Report Overview article.

To generate a Crash Report complete the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Crash Query Application by clicking on Crash Query from the top menu.

2. To run a crash report on a previously saved query, click on the stacked menu icon in the top left corner of the Crash Query window, and select the query you would like to report from the list of saved queries. 

To run a report on a new query, enter the filter criteria you would like to apply to this report.

3. When the query is loaded, or the desired filters are applied, click the Create Report icon in the top right corner of the Crash Query window.

4. Enter a title for this report under the Report Title heading

Enter the name of the individual or group requesting the report (if applicable) under the Requested By heading

5. The Crash Report will open in a new window. To save the report, click the Print Report button located at the top of the crash report window.

This will open a print window, which will allow you to either print a paper copy of the Crash Report or save it as a PDF.

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