The Safety Analysis application helps users produce Highway Safety Manual (HSM) powered benefit-cost calculations in seconds. Safety Analysis helps organizations calculate how each dollar spent on countermeasures affects the specified crashes, and helps allocate safety funds with maximum effectiveness. The Safety Analysis application has 4 key features: Recommendations, Applying Treatments, Project Overview, and Reports. Each feature is discussed in more detail below.


The recommendations section of Safety Analysis displays a map of the selected road segment or intersection, with each crash plotted on the segment. Additionally, a breakdown of the total crashes/cost per milepoint is displayed.

Safety Analysis also recommends the top three countermeasures that will mitigate the crashes for the selected segment/intersection. These are visualized with a Venn diagram illustrating the top three countermeasures, and the benefits from the treatments within these countermeasures. Numetric’s Safety Analysis application automatically generates these countermeasure recommendations based on logic applied to the crash attributes in the associated crashes.

(The Safety Analysis Recommendations page, with the crashes, plotted on the map, a bar graph illustrating the crashes per milepoint, and the recommendations for the selected segment.)

Applying Treatments

The treatment application window allows a user to apply a treatment to a section of the project. When the user provides the cost of the treatment, Numetric will calculate the Benefit Cost ratio as well as provide annual cost savings, and annual cost reduction calculations. Users are also able to modify default CMFs, and service life of the treatment. Any changes from the defaults will be noted in the application, as well as in the Safety Report.

(A treatment application window showing a benefit cost ratio of 6.61 for installing concrete shoulder barriers along the 10-mile segment of roadway.)

Project Overview

The Project Overview provides quick insight into the proposed work for this project. Project Overview displays the selected segment of roadway, the crashes plotted along the selected segment, and the treatments or improvements that you have selected for the selected segment broken out by milepoint. The overview also displays the benefit and the Benefit Cost ratio.

(The Overview page of Safety Analysis, displaying the selected segment, all associated crashes, and the selected treatments with benefit and benefit cost ratio displayed.)


Safety Analysis comes with a pre-built Safety Report, which can be used to export the results of your Safety Analysis in an easy-to-share PDF, or printed report. The Safety Report contains all of the data displayed in the Overview and Recommendations section of the Safety Analysis application. Additionally, the Safety Report also includes the proportion of each crash type for the selected segment in relation to the state-wide average. This can be used to determine if there is an excess proportion of a specific crash type occurring within the selected segment.

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