Numetric offers many suites of applications, including the Numetric Safety Suite (containing Crash Query, Safety Analysis, and Network Screening), the Numetric Design Suite (containing Asset Query and Project Design), as well as several stand-alone applications, such as Citation Query, Workbooks, and the Numetric Data Management system.

How to navigate between Numetric applications

1. Login to

(Note: you can determine which application you are in by reading the title bar at the top of the page. The application you are currently viewing appears highlighted with white text)

2. To navigate to another Numetric application, click on the Numetric logo in the top left corner to open the application dropdown menu.

3. Select the application you would like to open, and Numetric will navigate to the selected application. Note that the applications are grouped by suite where applicable (safety and design).

4. Alternatively - you can navigate between applications in the same suite by clicking on the application name in the title bar. The title bar contains all applications available in the suite you currently have open.

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