You can use Numetric to identify and export all the data required for a Left Turn Phasing Analysis. Follow the steps below to generate an excel file containing all the data required for your GDOT Left Turn Phasing analysis.

How to Download Left Turn Data for an Intersection.

Follow the steps below to download the raw table data for each intersection you would like to analyze.  Additionally, watch a step-by-step walkthrough of the data generation process here.

1. Login to 

2. In a new Crash Query window, click on the Manage Metrics button,

and add the following metrics, and drag them to the top of the Metrics List: Left Turn Analysis, Years

3. Click Apply in the Manage Metrics window.

(Adding the Left Turn Analysis and Years metrics through the Manage Metrics window) 

4. In the Manage Metrics sidebar, under the Left Turn Analysis heading, click on Motor Vehicle, Pedestrian, and Pedalcycle to add those filters to the query.

(A query with the Left Turn Analysis: Motor Vehicle, Pedal Cycle, andPedestrian values added to the filter bar)

5. In the Filter Bar at the top of the screen, search for Area: County, and select your desired county from the dropdown menu. 

(Adding Cobb County to the filter bar)

6. In the Filter Bar at the top of the screen, search for Signal ID, and select the first signal you would like to analyze from the dropdown menu.

(Adding signal 7985 to the filter bar)

Note: If a Signal ID is not available for the intersection you would like to analyze, you can find the intersection on the map, and apply a radius filter (the circle icon on the map display) to the center of the intersection, and set the distance for the filter to 100 feet.

(Selecting the radius filter tool)

7. Click on theRaw Table tab 

(Selecting the Raw Table tab)

8. Click the Download button at the bottom of the Raw Table Tab. This will download a copy of the raw table on your computer. 

(The bottom of the Raw Table tab, with the Download button shown)

9. Once you have downloaded the data for the first intersection, click on the signalID value, and select the next signal you would like to analyze.

10. Crash Query will zoom to the newly selected signal.

11. Click the Download icon at the bottom of the Raw Table tab to download the data for that signal, and repeat steps 9 through 11 to download the remaining signal data for your area.

Preparing the Table Downloads for Analysis

 With your raw data downloaded from Numetric, complete the steps below to prepare the raw data for analysis.

1. Open the downloaded table using MS Excel and select the entire sheet 

(Selecting the work sheet in Excel)

2. Select Insert, Select Pivot Table, Select OK 

3. Drag the Direction of Movement to Rows and Years to Columns and drag Collision ID to the ∑ Values 

4. Use the dropdown menu in the ∑ Values box and select Value Field Setting and change SUM to Count 

With the above steps completed, you should now be ready to conduct your analysis.

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