Soft Spot Repair

Soft spot repair calculates the area to be treated based on the percentage input by the user. The depth and quantity of material is based on the type selected. The options for Type are described below.
Type A: Includes 6” of HMA, user selects the size of HMA (1/2” or 3/4”)
Type B: Includes 6” of HMA and 6” of UTBC, user selects the size of HMA (1/2” or 3/4”)

Utility Costs

Utility item costs are based on the cost to “Raise and Lower” the manhole, valve, catch basin, or other. These are in-place utilities that must be dealt with during a typical chip seal, overlay, or rotomill job. These are not new utilities and do not include any subsurface work items.

Pavement Shoe

Pavement treatments with a depth (HMA, SMA, etc.) do not include a pavement shoe in the calculation. When doing a mill & fill this means the quantities will be correct, but when doing an overlay the material cost for the pavement shoe will need to be added manually. This can be done using the "plus" button on the costs tab.


Inflation adjustments must be entered manually. For UDOT projects you may reference the Estimators Corner at this link for guidance regarding inflation.

End Section Types

All end sections types are classified in groups to allow for cost estimating. The following table shows how each group is classified.

  • G.R.E.A.T: Type A
  • QuadGuard Wide: Type A
  • TAU-II Wide: Type A
  • TRACC Wide: Type A
  • Bullnose: Type B
  • HEX-FOAM: Type B
  • QuadGuard LMC: Type B
  • QuadGuard Narrow: Type B
  • Quest: Type B
  • SCI100GM: Type B
  • TAU-II Narrow: Type B
  • TRACC Narrow: Type B
  • Brakemaster350: Type C
  • CAT350: Type C
  • FLEAT-MT: Type C
  • QuadGuard Elite: Type D
  • REACT350: Type D
  • Big Sandy: Type E
  • Energite III: Type E
  • Fitch Barrel: Type E
  • BEAT-FCC: Type F
  • QuadTrend 350: Type F
  • Trend: Type F
  • End Shoe: Type G
  • ET PLUS: Type G
  • Modified EL: Type G
  • SKT 350: Type G
  • Texas Turndown: Type G
  • Best: Type G
  • Eccentric Loader: Type H
  • FLEAT 350: Type H
  • SENTRE: Type H
  • SRT/HBA 6-Post: Type H
  • Other: Other
  • None: Other
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