Welcome! Numetric helps you make better, more informed decisions for your organization, and we're excited for you to get started. This quick start guide will teach you the basics and have you exploring your data in just a few minutes. Ready?   

Logging in for the First Time

You may have already received a welcome email from the team at Numetric or someone else in your organization. If not, contact Numetric's support team and we'll get one out to you right away. (Not sure how to contact support? Skip to the bottom of this article for a hint.)

When you've made the proper request, you'll receive a friendly email inviting you to join your organization on Numetric. Simply follow the including link to accept the invitation. You'll be asked to provide your name and create a password, and then you're in. 

Numetric Overview

Now that you've created your account and logged in, it will be helpful to get to know the interface before you dive in. Here's a quick overview of the two main areas within Numetric that you'll need to know.


Inside Numetric, your data is arranged in one or more datasets. These datasets use a very simple flat file format. Think of it as a spreadsheet (simple rows and columns) but without size limitations. This guide will help you bring in some data and create your first dataset (so get excited!), but for now, here's a view of the list of datasets.


Workbooks provide powerful exploration of your data, and it's here that you'll be spending most of your time. We'll also build your first Workbook as a part of this quick start guide (again, very exciting), but here's an overview of the list of  Workbooks.

Now that you're (more) familiar with the Numetric interface, let's get some data imported so you can start playing with it! The next article in this guide will take you through the process. But first, a quick note on how to get help if you need it:

Getting Help

We've made this tutorial as clear as possible, but you might have questions not answered here. No problem! Just use the click-to-chat icon at the bottom right of any page in the help center, and we'll jump in to help. It looks like this, and we hope you'll use it:

This click-to-chat function is also available while you're using Numetric. Just click the question mark icon in the upper right of the window and we'll snap to attention:

Alright! Feeling confident? Let's get going.

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