What's Next?

This quick start guide was intentionally brief. We have many more learning resources here in our help center when you're ready to go further, and we encourage you to take some time to bring in some more data and build a few Workbooks so that you can get the hang of using Numetric.

But before you do that, why not share the love? If you are a Numetric Admin, you'll be responsible for making Numetric available to others in your organization. Now would be a great time to invite 5-10 additional users to the party so that they can start learning the tool. The more people in your organization with quick access to your valuable data, the more data-driven your organization can be as a whole.

Inviting additional users is easy. Just click on your username in the top right of your screen, and select "Settings." 

(Note that only Numetric admins can invite other users in their organization.)

Now you can click on "Users" on the left side of the screen and use the "Invite New Users" button in the top right to send a few invitations.

You'll then be asked to indicate a user type (Admin vs. Regular User vs. Guest), after which you can provide an email address for the invitee. They'll receive their own friendly email invitation, and be ready to go in no time.

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