Numetric allows you to add a column or field to your dataset right inside the application.  Making sure you have the right columns/fields for the information you’re working with is an important part of working with Numetric.  Since you’re not limited to what is already contained in the data, understanding how to add a column and then fill it with data using (Value Mapping) or (Formulae) is an important skill within Numetric.

Adding a Column or Field

  1. Navigate to desired dataset
  2. Click “Fields” tab
  3. Click the blue “Add Field +” button towards the left side of the page.
  4. In the dialogue box that appears, type in a new column name for the added field. This field name can be anything, except you cannot duplicate field names in the same dataset. See Semantic Layers.
  5. In the fields tab, scroll down the list of fields on the left side and select the newly created field. An “Added” bubble will appear in the list next to the data type, notifying you that this is a user created field.
  6. Change “Data Type” to the correct data type. See (DATA FORMATS/ TYPES)
  7. (Optional) Add formulas, Mapping, etc to newly created field.
  8. Re-Index using the “Index” button in the top, right. 

*Note: The new field will not be usable until the dataset is re-indexed.

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