Creating A Semantic Layer
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How to Create a Semantic Layer

When importing the data set into Numetric, a “Field Name” will be created in the metadata for each attribute (column) in the data set.  This field name cannot be edited or changed as it is a copy of the column name from the data source.  

Once the data set is in Numetric, however, you can create a semantic layer by updating or changing the name of the field.  Here’s how:

  1. Click on to the large title and delete the existing text

  2. Type in your desired, more user friendly name for that attribute

*Note: You do not need to reindex to save changes to the semantic layer.

Additional Explanation:

In its simplest form, a semantic layer is a set of user friendly names for a data set so end users can get at what they need using regular business terms.  A quick example: 

Instead of pft_mgn_dol as a column header name, a good semantic layer would have something along the lines of profit margin dollars, allowing anyone using the data to understand what that attribute represents.

If your data set is going to be used more widely by many people in the organization, a semantic layer combined with a Data Dictionary can be very useful in reducing the number of questions that come to the IT group or data warehouse administrator.

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