Groups make sharing Workbooks or Datasets with multiple parties much more simple.  For example, if I want to share my financial data sets with each of the 15 people in the accounting department, I can quickly and easily create an “Accounting” group and share everything with that one group rather than 15 individuals every time.  Here’s how:

Creating a Group

1. Click on your name in the upper-left and select “Settings”

2. Click on “User Groups” on the left hand side of the screen

3. To add a group, enter the group name in the Add Group field

4. Click on the user icon, located to the far right of the Group row

5. Add the members of the group individually by typing in their names or email addresses and selecting whether they can edit the group or just view the group

Now when sharing with that group, Numetric it will automatically give access to each individual in the group.


  • Numetric provides automatic grouping options like “All Admins”, “Everyone” and a few others.  These groups do not show up in your list of groups, but can be used and will auto-complete when using them.

  • You can also make larger groups that are made up of the other, smaller groups already created.  For example, if you want a group that includes each operations person in the company, you could create a group called “Ops” and then add the Accounting, HR and Sales groups to that master group without having to type in names individually. 

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