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Numetric v20 Release Notes
Numetric v20 Release Notes
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Release Date: Monday June 11th


  • Added flyouts for Workbooks -- contact the Customer Success team to set up (VZ-1025)


  • Added sorting options for data tables (VZ-917)

  • Bug fix when sorting a raw table, sorting the table will now re-sort all data in the Dataset rather than the data that was currently displayed in the raw table (VZ-854)

  • Added ability to select the top X values in a chart (VZ-906)

  • Bug fix to display Tooltip and Filter Bar times in correct time zone rather than UTC (VZ-1059)


  • Bug fix for miscalculated statistics in Portal previews (VZ-1057, VZ-1012)

Improvements to Numetric Roads

  • Added new Pattern Analysis for Safety Analysis V2 which highlights top contributing factors by crash count and cost (NU-1852)

  • Added new Heat Map view in Safety Analysis V2 visualizing crash count density by map region (NU-1768)

  • Added new Bar Chart to display crash count by milepost along a specific route in Safety Analysis V2 (NU-1765)

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