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Numetric v24 Release Notes | Non-Transportation
Numetric v24 Release Notes | Non-Transportation
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Release Date: Wednesday January 9th, 2019


  • Advanced Search Bar (beta) now allows users to apply complex filters, including EQUALS, DOES NOT EQUAL, CONTAINS, IS BETWEEN, AND IS NOT BETWEEN

  • Advanced Search Bar also allows you to automatically enhance any date/time filter to include DAY OF WEEK, DAY OF MONTH, MONTH OF YEAR, and TIME OF DAY

  • Added the ability to hide default filters (filters applied in edit mode) so that they are not visible or removable by read-only users

  • The default map now includes local road names in addition to the major roadway names previously present

  • To provide feedback regarding the new Advanced Search Bar (Beta) please contact your CX representative


  • If/Then transformations now include the option "IF NONE OF THESE CONDITIONS ARE MET, THEN"


  • Added the ability to append (or add to) existing csv/excel filesNote, both the old and new files must have identical formatting and columns

  • Dropbox and Google Drive connectors have been improved to automatically update when the source file is modified. Due to this improvement, the manual refresh button has been removed.


  • Users now have the ability to collapse or expand the sidebar filter

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in Portals where you cannot add new users

  • Fixed issue in Portals where you cannot see list of Partners Users

  • Fixed Portals password reset not working

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