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Numetric Safety Analysis Release Notes (v25) | Transportation
Numetric Safety Analysis Release Notes (v25) | Transportation
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Release Date: Wednesday April 3rd, 2019

Introducing the new Safety Analysis App

Our Safety Analysis Application helps you produce HSM powered benefit-cost calculations in seconds. With our updated Safety Analysis application you can calculate how each dollar spent on treatments affects the specified crashes, and helps allocate safety funds with maximum effectiveness.

  • View the following data for each segment on your roadway:

  • Total crashes per milepoint

  • Total cost per milepoint

  • Recommended countermeasures to mitigate crashes

  • Apply treatments to a section of roadway, and Safety Analysis will calculate the Benefit Cost ratio, as well as annual cost savings, and annual cost reduction calculations

  • End users can modify your departments custom CMFs and service life for each treatment (Numetric will keep an audit log of any modifications to the default CMF or service life for each project)

  • Safety Analysis Report allows you to export and print your Safety Analysis project, including selected treatments, CMFs, service life, and Benefit Cost ratios in an easy-to-share PDF or printed report

Network Screening Improvements

  • The Advanced Search Bar is now available in the Network Screening Application

  • Crash Rates in Network Screening will now be calculated based on the selected date/time filters, allowing users to create time-specific crash rate calculations

  • The selected segment is now highlighted on the Network Screening map

Crash Attribute Enhancement

  • Crash attributes will now display in text, (True/False) rather than the corresponding boolean value (0/1) in the advanced search bar, and all charts and stats

Geo Boundaries 

  • When searching a geo boundary (e.g. City, County, etc.) the map will now display a border around the geo boundary (available in Network Screening, and Crash Query)

Crash Location Mapping

  • Numetric now has the ability to correctly map a crash location that is missing a geopoint but contains a milepoint (or a crash that is missing a milepoint, but has a geopoint)

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