The Network Screening Report, found inside of Network Screening, provides an easy and fast way to export and share the results of your custom Network Screening.

How to generate a Network Report

1. Open the Numetric Network Screening - Segments, Network Screening - Intersections, or Sliding Window application.

2. Use the Advanced Search Bar, and Segment/Intersection/Sliding Window Table to find the segments/Intersections/Sliding Windows you would like to examine.

3. Click the download button in the top right corner of the screen and select between the PDF download, or the Worksheet.

4. If downloading a PDF, enter the name of the report, the number of segments to include in the report, and the name of the report requester.

Click Generate Report.

Click the Save & Download button in the top right to save the report

5. If downloading a Worksheet, you will be prompted to save the spreadsheet.

The saved spreadsheet will contain all routes for the identified network, ranked according to the selected method. It also includes Crash Count by KABCO Severity for each segment, enabling users to easily apply custom ranking methods on the fly.

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