How to Download a Workbook

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to download a Workbook.

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Numetric allows Workbooks users to download PDF versions of any Workbook to which they have access. The download option allows users to share Workbooks with anyone, inside or outside of their organization.

How to download a Workbook

1. Open the Workbooks application, and select the Workbook you would like to download.

2. From the menu in the top right, click on the Download icon (the arrow facing down).

3. From the Report Options window, select the tab of the Workbook you would like to download, and give the report a name.

4. The Report Preview window will open, from here you can preview the report, make sure it contains the data you would like. Click the Save and Download button in the top right to download the report. Click the Back button to return to the Workbook without downloading the report.

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