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GDOT - How to Generate Local Road Safety Plan Reports in Numetric
GDOT - How to Generate Local Road Safety Plan Reports in Numetric

You can use Numetric to generate the reports needed to provide insight into your Local Road Safety Plan.

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Click here to watch a walk through video on how to generate a local road safety plan report.

How to Download Local Roadway Data in Numetric.

1. Login to

2. In a new Crash Query window, click in the filter bar at the top of the screen, and search for County Boundaries (Geo), then select the county you would like to focus on for this report (note: you can also use the GDOT City Boundaries (Geo) filter to report on cities).

3. In the filter bar, add the Ownership filter, and select State. Then change the relational operator from is (=) to is not (≠). This will filter out all crashes that occurred on state owned roads.

4. In the Metrics Tab on the right side of the screen, under the Severity heading, click on the severities you would like to include in the report (usually, K, A, B). 

5. Set any other filters you would like for your report in the filter bar.

6. Click on the Manage Metrics button, and customize the metrics you would like to have appear on your report.  

7.  Save the Query by clicking the Save button in the top right corner of the screen, enter the Name of the Query in the appropriate box, and click Save.

8. To download a Crash Summary report, click the Download icon in the top right corner of the screen (an arrow facing down), and select Crash Summary Report.

9. Check the Include Baselines and Over-Representation box (only available if you have either the County Boundaries (Geo) or GDOT City Boundaries (Geo) filter applied). 

10. A preview of the report will appear. Click the Save and Download button to download a copy of your report.

11. Alternately, the raw data from your query can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button at the bottom of the Raw Table tab. This raw data can be used to conduct an analysis outside of Numetric, or can be plugged into the Crash Tree excel spreadsheet.

You can add any additional filters that you would like to help refine your analysis. Several filters that might help with the development of your Local Road Safety Plan are: SHSP Emphasis Areas, Intersection Related, Signalized Intersection, or Left Turn Analysis.

If you have any questions or issues when generating these reports, don’t hesitate to contact your GDOT District Contacts or email Numetric at

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