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MSP - Segmentation Approach
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What is Segmentation

In Network Screening - Segments, all Routes in Michigan are sub-divided into segments to make network screening easier. This allows you to compare smaller portions of a roadway in Network Screening rather than evaluating entire routes.

How are Michigan Routes Segmented

When segmenting a route, a new segment is created each time one of the following roadway characteristics changes:

  1. Volume on the route (AADT, or Annual Average Daily Traffic)

  2. When a route changes between Urban and Rural

  3. If the route changes from Interstate to Non-Interstate

  4. When the number of lanes changes on the route

After segments are created following the guidelines above, minimum and maximum segment lengths are used to ensure that segments are not too small or too large.

Any segment that is < 0.1 miles will be added to the smallest adjoining segment.

Any segment that is > 10 miles will be segmented at the 10-mile mark.

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