Line Tool Overview
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Line Tool Overview

The Line Tool allows Crash Query users to select a section of a roadway by selecting the road on a map, and defining the beginning/ending boundaries of the desired section.

Once defined, the selected section of roadway will be added as a filter to the query.

How to use the Line Tool

  1. Zoom to the desired section of roadway on the crash map.

  2. Click the Line Tool icon (located in the top right corner of the crash map, just above the Polygon Tool).

    With the line tool selected, all available roadways will be displayed on the map. Note that the crash map will display more roadways as you continue to zoom in. If you cannot see the roadway you would like to select, continue to zoom in on the map until the roadway line appears.

    The roadways displayed on the map are a representation of the Linear Referencing System (LRS) for each agency. Only roadways contained within the LRS are displayed.

  3. Once you have identified the roadway you would like to select, click on the roadway to define the first boundary of your filter area (either the beginning or ending boundary).

    Note: if Auto-zoom is enabled, your map may automatically zoom in or out to display the entirety of the selected roadway.

    If it is difficult to click on the beginning/ending milepoint, due to the crash locations displayed on the map, you can hide the crash locations by clicking the “Hide Crashes” icon (the eye shaped icon), located in the crash total box at the top of the crash map.

  4. With the first boundary set, click to place the second boundary on the roadway.

    Note: if Auto-zoom is enabled, your map may automatically zoom in to the selected roadway.

  5. The route filter, with the precise beginning and ending milepoints of the selected section of roadway will now be displayed in the filter bar.

    To modify the boundaries of the section, you can either edit the values in the filter bar, or click on the boundary dot on the map to move the boundary line.

    Note: you can use the Line Tool to filter more than one roadway section in the same query. Just repeat the process above for each additional section you would like to add.

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