Numetric allows Administrators to define user roles to control what users can see and do within Numetric. For more information on user management, see the Adding Users, Removing Users, and Changing Users articles.

Role Overview

Each Numetric user in your organization must be assigned one of the following roles:

Administrator: Numetric Administrators have unrestricted access to all elements of Numetric, including all Sources, Tables, Dictionary, Datasets, Workbooks, and Portals. Administrators are the only account type that can create new users or modify existing user roles.

Regular User: Regular users only have access to the Workbooks and Datasets sections of Numetric. Access to view or edit Workbooks must be granted by the Workbook owner through the Workbook settings. When a Regular User is granted view access to a Workbook they are also, automatically, granted view access to any Datasets referenced in the Workbook. Note that when edit access is granted for a specific Workbook, the Regular User is not also granted edit access to the associated Datasets. Because Datasets are the underlying foundation of Workbooks and any changes to the Dataset can impact your Workbook, we recommend a minimum number of Regular Users be granted edit access to Datasets.

Regular Users can also create their own Workbooks from any Datasets they have access to view or edit. 

Guest: Guests are only able to view Workbooks that are shared with them. There is no edit access available for Guest users. Unlike Regular Users, Guests cannot create their own Workbooks or Datasets.

Portal Viewer: Secure (non-public) Portal Viewers have access to view any portals which they were invited to use by an Administrator. 

Public portals are available to the general public via a web address. As a result, they do not have any specific user type associated with them.

Best Practices

Your Numetric contact specifies a set number of Users allowed under your license. Each active Administrator, Regular User, Guest, or Secure Portal Viewer will count as a user under your Numetric contract. There is no limit to the number of viewers for a Public Portal.

While there is no limit to the number of Administrators for your Numetric account, we recommend keeping the number of Administrators to a minimum. Administrator accounts should be reserved for a few select users who need access to Sources, Tables, Dictionary, and User management. Whenever possible, the Regular User type should be used for people creating and managing any Datasets and Workbooks, with Guests being used for those who only view workbooks. This approach allows for greater control overview and edit access on the Workbook and Dataset level.

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