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Data Usage Notifications
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AASHTOWare Safety Powered by Numetric helps agencies identify crash patterns, evaluate safety improvements, and plan projects. Many agencies have elected to include a notification to each end-user informing them of the specific terms related to the usage and sharing of any data present in AASHTOWare Safety. For example, several agencies have identified the data and analyses in AASHTOWare Safety as being not subject to discovery or admission as evidence in court under 23 U.S.C §407.

Regardless of which codes, legislation, or notices you would like to reference, AASHTOWare Safety provides two main options for notifying individual users of the data usage restrictions applicable to all data present in AASHTOWare Safety. The text in each notification can be modified to fit the needs of each agency.

1. Disclaimer popup | This message will appear during a user’s initial session login. And will re-appear each time they log in to the application.

(An example of a data usage disclaimer popup displayed upon login)

2. Footer text Reports | Custom notification text can be automatically included in the footer of any reports created in AASHTOWare Safety.

(An example of a data usage notification footer in a sample Safety Analysis report)

For more information on configuring Data Usage Notifications for your agency, please contact your Numetric Customer Success representative.

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