Nebraska - Societal Crash Costs
Written by Gentry White
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This article outlines the societal crash costs used by the Nebraska DOT.

Nebraska DOT estimates the cost based on the type of crash. These costs may contrast with other states, which estimate costs based on crash severity.

These societal costs are used in the benefit-cost calculation, as displayed in the Safety Analysis application.

Each of the Societal Collision Types and their associated crash cost is outlined below.

Societal Collision Type

Crash Cost

Rural Front-to-Front


Rural Collision with Pedestrian


Rural Sideswipe Opposite


Urban Collision with Pedestrian


Rural Overturn


Rural Angle


Urban Front-to-Front


Urban Overturn


Rural Collision with Fixed Object


Urban Collision with Bicycle


Urban Other Single Vehicle


Rural Front-to-Rear


Urban Collision with Fixed Object


Rural Sideswipe Same


Urban Sideswipe Same


Rural Other Single Vehicle


Urban Angle


Urban Front-to-Rear


Rural Collision with Parked Vehicle


Urban Sideswipe Same


Rural Other Multi-Vehicle


Rural Collision with Animal


Urban Collision with Parked Vehicle


Urban Other Multi-Vehicle


Urban Collision with Animal


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