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WVDOT - Filter Prefixes
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Each filter in Crash Query for WVDOT has a prefix. Each of these prefixes is there to aid users in narrowing down their search and focuses specifically on three different categories. These are Crash (C), Crash Factor (CF), Geographic (G), Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), and Social Vulnerability Index (SVI).

Filters are as follows:

  • C - Crash (pulled from the Crash Report). This prefix helps users narrow their search based on the crash information they wish to focus on. Users can select one of the following to help refine their searches utilizing the prefix (C).

  • CF - Crash Factor. This prefix narrows down the filtering to the circumstances surrounding the crash.

    • Event - the circumstances of the crash

    • Impairment - level of driver(s) impairment

    • Intersection/Junction Related - location of the crash

    • Involving Driver - factors surrounding the driver(s) involved, like age, impairment, etc.

    • Involving Vehicle - what type of vehicles were involved

    • Safety Equipment - equipment utilized following the crash

    • Severity - level of crash severity

    • School Zone Related - the crash occurred in a school zone

    • Work Zone Related - the crash occurred in a work zone

  • G - Geographic. This prefix narrows down the filtering to geographic elements. For WVDOT, this includes County, Municipalities, WVDOT Districts, WVDOT MPO, and WVDOT Urban Area. These filters draw out a geographic boundary on the map and show all of the crashes that occurred within this boundary.

  • Strategic Highway Safety Plan - SHSP. This prefix narrows down the filtering to crashes associated with the state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

    • Alcohol and Drug Impaired - the driver(s) involved in the crash consumed alcohol or drugs

    • Crashes Involving Drivers 65+ - the driver(s) were aged 65 or above

    • Intersection Crashes - the crash occurred in an intersection

    • No Occupant Protection Used - the driver(s) or passenger(s) were not wearing a seatbelt or restraint

    • Pedestrian Involved Crashes - a pedestrian was involved in the crash

    • Roadway Departure Crashes - the crash occurred because a vehicle left the road

    • Speeding & Aggressive Driving Related Crashes - the driver(s) involved in the crash were speeding or acting aggressively

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