The Network Screening - Intersections application is designed to help users rank all intersections in their roadway network in an easy-to-use interface. The Network Screening - Intersections application has 5 key features: Attribute Search, Intersection Flyout, Intersection Ranking, Contextual Data, and the Network Screening - Intersections report. Each feature is discussed in more detail below.

Use Numetric’s powerful text-to-search feature to run custom intersection network screening requests. Search by recommended countermeasure, crash type, or any other crash or roadway attribute, and generate instant intersection rankings that tell you which intersections require your attention.

(A network analysis ranking all intersections that would benefit from a left turn phasing change in a given county.)

Intersection Flyout

Clicking on any intersection in your network displays the Intersection flyout, which contains current, and historical intersection rankings, a summary  of crash statistics (including number of crashes and fatal (critical) crashes, crash rate), a summary of the roadway details for all intersecting routes (including AADT, function classes, and any other roadway datapoint present in your data), and a list of recommended countermeasures for that intersection. 

(The Intersection Flyout illustrating the Intersection rank crashes by Route, the summary, and part of the roadway details section.)

Intersection Ranking

Rank your selected intersections by Crashes, Fatalities, or Crash Ratio, and see instant ranking results.

Note: When the application is loaded, only state intersections will be loaded, locally owned and/or maintained intersections will not appear in the ranking until a county or city-specific geofilter is applied. When displayed, locally owned intersections will not receive a state-wide ranking.

(The Intersection ranking table, with all intersections ranked by Crash Rate.
Users can sort and rank their intersections by any listed column of data.)

Contextual Data

With photos and Google Streetview, users can explore selected intersections, and even see how each intersection has changed over time, all without leaving the app.

(Examining an intersection through the built-in google Streetview explorer in the Intersection sidebar)

Network Screening - Intersection Report

Generate a downloadable network screening - Intersection report which contains the intersection ranking, and a breakdown of each intersection, including the crash rate, fatality rate, and serious rate, as well as a stacked bar chart indicating the severity of crash and the route on which it occurred for each intersection.

(Sample Network Screening - Intersection Report displaying the Intersection rankings of roads that would benefit from left turn phasing changes in a given county, ranked by Crash Rate.)

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