The SPF Manager application keeps a comprehensive record of all changes made to the Functions for all Segment and Intersection Groupings. To view the history of the SPFs for your organization follow the steps outlined below (Note - this process is the same for Segments and Intersections):

1. Open SPF Manager, and search for the Segment or Intersection Grouping for which you would like to view the history.

2. At the top of the screen, under the Intersection or Segment Grouping title the, the current status of the Function is displayed, including the date the function was last edited, and who made the edit. To view the complete history,  click the View History link.

3. The complete history for the SPF will be displayed. Click on each revision in the sidebar to view the Function as it was edited, and any notes associated with the change.

To edit or modify the actual Function, see the SPF Manager - How to Modify an SPF article.

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