Only Administrators can invite new users to join Numetric. When creating a new user, be sure to assign the correct User Role at the time of setup. Access to Workbooks and Datasets are granted through the Workbook administration or Dataset properties, not through the user administration section. 

How to invite (add) users to Numetric

  1. Click on the Numetric Dropdown in the lop left corner of the screen

2. Click Settings

3. Under the Organization heading in the left sidebar, click Users

4. Click the Invite New Users button in the top right corner

5. Select the type of user you would like to add, either an Administrator, Regular User, or Guest.

6. Enter the email address of the user you would like to add. Numetric will then generate and send an email to the user inviting them to join your organization in Numetric. 

7. The new user will then click the link to accept the invitation, entering their first and last name and creating a new password.

8. As an Administrator, you can view a list of pending invitations under the Invitations tab at the top of the Manage Users screen. Here you can revoke an existing invitation or request Numetric send the invitation again.

9. Once the user has set up their account, they will show up in the list of users displayed under the Users tab at the top of the Manage Users screen.

For more information on user management, see the Removing Users and Changing User Types articles.

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