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Admin - How to Lock or Delete a User
Admin - How to Lock or Delete a User

Learn how to Lock or Delete a user

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Only Administrators can lock or remove the access of a user. To modify the user role or permissions of a user see the User Roles and Permissions article.

Administrators may Lock or Delete the account of any other Administrator, or Regular user within their organization. A lock is a temporary restriction on a user account that prevents that user from accessing Numetric. A locked user can be unlocked by any administrator, or can automatically be locked out after a set number of failed login attempts. Locked Users still maintain their saved queries/screenings/analyses.

How to Lock or Delete a User

1. From the Numetric Dropdown menu, in the top left corner of the screen, select Settings.

2. Click Users under the Organization heading in the sidebar.

3. From the list of users, locate the user you would like to Lock or Delete and click the stacked menu icon (three stacked dots) to the right of the user’s name.

4. From the dropdown menu, select either Lock or Delete.

If Locking a user account, you can select between Lock Now which will immediately lock the users account, or Lock at Future Date, which will allow you to set a future date on which the users account will be locked out. Select the lockout time, and click Lock User.

If Deleting a user, the Delete User window will appear, prompting you what you would like to do with the Dashboards, Datasets, Tables, Sources, Portals, Emails, API and Connector Keys of the selected user.

Clicking “Yes” will allow you to transfer ownership to another user.

Clicking “No” will delete anything belonging to the user.

If you select to transfer all associated records, you will be prompted to select a user to transfer ownership to. Select the user from the dropdown, and click Delete User at the bottom of the window.

If you select to delete the associated records, you will then be asked to confirm the deletion of each of these items. Click the checkbox next to each item, and click Delete User at the bottom of the window.

If they do not have any associated items, there will be nothing to check, and you may simply click Delete User.

You will then see a message confirming the deletion of the selected user.

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