Only Numetric Administrators can change the role of a user. Access to workbooks and datasets are granted through the Workbook administration or Dataset properties, not through the user administration section. For more information on the various user types, see the user roles article.

How to Update User Roles

1.  Click on your username in the top right corner of the screen

2. Click Settings in the drop-down menu

3. Under the Organization heading in the left sidebar, click Users

4. All current users will be displayed under the Manage Users heading. Next to the name of each user is a drop-down displaying their current user type. 

Click the current user type, and select the desired user type from the drop-down list. Once you have selected the desired user role from the drop-down list Numetric will automatically update the user’s role, no need to click save.

It is important to note that changing a user type can impact the user’s access to view or edit Workbooks or Datasets. For example, moving an Admin to a Regular User could result in them not have access to view any Workbooks or Datasets. Similarly moving a Regular User to a Guest will remove their edit, and possibly their view access to any Workbook or Datasets they may have created while a Regular User. Always verify the user has access to the needed Workbooks or Datasets after adjusting their user role.

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