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Sliding Window Analysis - App Overview
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Sliding Window Analysis

Network Screening allows users to generate a Sliding Window analysis. Sliding Window analysis is a frequency-based Network Screening approach that helps users determine where the most crashes are occurring along their roadway network in a given sized window. Sliding Window analysis allows users to customize the length of the window for evaluation, anywhere from a .1 up to a 10 mile window (the default window length is set to .3 miles). Sliding Window allows users to rank their windows according to Crash Rate, Fatalities, Crashes, ePDO, or any other ranking criteria available for their organization.

The windows are then displayed in the ranking table on the right side of the screen, and each window is plotted on the map, color-coded according to standard deviation.

(A sample Sliding Window Analysis displaying the selected windows ranked according to ePDO.)

For more information on how to run a Sliding Window analysis, see the Network Screening - How to Generate a Sliding Window Analysis article.

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