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Numetric Release Notes (v30) | Transportation
Numetric Release Notes (v30) | Transportation
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Release Date: Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Introducing: Collision Diagrams

Our new Collision Diagrams application allows you to view, modify, and share collision diagrams for a given intersection. With Collision Diagrams you can:

Improvements to Crash Query

  • Added the ability to adjust the viewing window for the map and Metrics

  • Changed the default display for Metrics, which now display the top values, with the rest condensed under an expandable menu

Improvements to Network Screening

Improvements to Safety Analysis

  • Improved crash date extent display on Safety Analysis queries

Improvements to SPF Manager (Beta)

  • Various User Interface improvements for the SPF Manager - Segments, and SPF Manager - Intersections applications

Improvements to Dashboards (Workbooks)

  • Rebranded the Workbooks application as Dashboards

  • Added the ability for dashboards with Public Portals to have portal-specific filters

  • PDF Download button now available for all users of a Workbook

New Organizational-specific URLs

All agencies will now be able to access Numetric through their organizational specific URL rather than through, for example:,,,, etc.

All agencies who have purchased under the new AASHTOWare partnership will be able to access Numetric through the AASHTOWare specific URL, for example:

Note: will continue to function, however, it will re-route the customer to their agency-specific URL.

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