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Numetric Release Notes (v43) | Transportation
Numetric Release Notes (v43) | Transportation
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Release Date: Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Crash Tree Diagrams

  • Added the Crash Tree Diagrams application for all AASHTOWare Safety organizations and organizations with Crash Query.

Collision Diagrams

Crash Query

Network Screening

  • Fixed a bug with Sliding Window Analysis that was preventing screenings with less than 40 results from displaying on the map.

  • Added the ability to select custom date ranges for Empirical Bayes network screening results.

  • Changes to the Date Extents picker in all Network Screening applications (Segments, Intersections, and Sliding Window Analysis).

Predictive Analysis

  • The Overdispersion value for each SPF now supports functions rather than static values, as was previously available.

All Applications

  • Added a link to the support documentation for each application. This can be accessed by clicking the question mark button in the top right corner of the screen (next to the Save button).

  • Minor adjustments to the layout of our login pages to enhance visual clarity

  • Enhanced Password Reset Process. Customers can now specify a custom email address for password-related inquiries, enabling them to choose an alternative contact apart from our support team.

  • Subtle yet significant improvements to the KABCO color coding system to enhance the contrast between different severities across the application in general

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