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Numetric Project Design Release Notes (v26) | Transportation
Numetric Project Design Release Notes (v26) | Transportation

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Release Date: Wednesday July 10th, 2019

Introducing the new Project Design App

Our new Project Design Application helps you generate concept-level cost estimates for pavement preservation and rehabilitation projects in just minutes. Project Design draws on your existing roadway and asset data to quickly identify all roadway surfaces, and assets involved in a route, and populates a cost estimate based on region-specific engineering defaults. With project design, you can:

  • Use Project Design to select custom surface treatments, including rotomilling depth, surface treatments, paint and rumblestrips

  • Select which signs, barriers, and utilities you would like to replace as part of this project

  • Use region-specific cost defaults, or set custom costs to generate a real-time cost estimate for the entire project

  • Export a PDF or .xml workbook summary of the project summary to share with your organization within Numetric Reports

Introducing Safety Analysis - Intersections

The new Safety Analysis - Intersections Application helps you produce the same HSM powered benefit-cost calculations offered in our Safety Analysis application, but now targeting Intersections. With Safety Analysis - Intersections you can:

  • Conduct a safety analysis of intersections, including a custom Safety Report

  • Add Intersections to an existing segment analysis, for a full corridor analysis

  • Receive intersection-specific countermeasure recommendations

Crash Query Improvements

  • Users can now create Comparison Reports to track changes over time

  • Added the Radius Polygon Filter to the Map Point tab

Network Screening and Safety Analysis Improvements

  • Added the Reference Guide to Network Screening and Safety Analysis, allowing users to view information about the various calculations used in these applications.

Workbooks Improvements

Portals Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Workbooks where the column alias set in the Metric builder is now persistent

  • Fixed bug where the Advanced Search Bar year filter didn’t include the end year in the filter

  • Fixed various minor bugs in Crash Query related to displaying crash locations


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