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Numetric Release Notes (v29) | Transportation
Numetric Release Notes (v29) | Transportation
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Release Date: Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Introducing: SPF Manager - Segments (Beta), and SPF Manager - Intersections (Beta)

Our new SPF Manager (Beta) application allows you to store and manage all of their agency Safety Performance Functions (SPFs) in one location. With the SPF manager, you can

Introducing: Economic Appraisal

The new Economic Appraisal feature in Safety Analysis helps safety engineers evaluate and compare projects, and prioritize where their safety funds are spent. With Economic Appraisal you can:

Introducing - Sliding Window Analysis

Network Screening - Segments now supports Sliding Window analysis. Sliding WIndow Analysis divides the roadways into 1/10 of a mile sections and allows users to see these sections grouped as windows ranging from 1/10 of a mile up to 1 mile. These sliding windows allow users to easily identify where crashes are occurring. With Sliding Window you can:

Improvements to Network Screening

  • Added the ability to rank your network by Equivalent Property Damage Only (ePDO)

  • Added Expected Crash Rate to the flyout

  • Added Excess Crashes to the flyout

Improvements to Crash Query

  • Added the ability to customize the default Metrics for your organization

  • Updated Raw Table column selection and download interface

  • Various map improvements

Improvements to all Map Interfaces

The following updates have been made to the map interface in the Crash Query, Safety Analysis, and Network Screening applications


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