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Numetric Release Notes (v33) | Transportation
Numetric Release Notes (v33) | Transportation
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Release Date: Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Improvements to Crash Query

  • Changed the sort order of Metrics in Manage Metrics, and Columns in Hide/Show Columns to alphabetized sorting

Improvements to Network Screening

  • Updated all Network Screening Reports to include information indicating the Ranking Metric selected

  • Updated all Network Screening Reports to include the date range of the report data under the Data Extents heading

  • Added the ability to define Limiting Values for Network Screening ranking criteria, which allows users to define a minimum ranking criteria for a segment, window, or intersection to appear in the Network Screening ranking

Improvements to Safety Analysis

Improvements to Collision Diagrams

  • Updated Map Selector

Improvements to Predictive Analysis (Formerly SPF Manager)

Improvements to Dashboards

  • Changed the sort order of Columns in Table metrics to alphabetized sorting

  • Added the ability to display Misc. Geo filters in Dashboards

  • Minor UI changes to the metrics settings

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